About Gurupdesh Sidhu And His Farm


I am Gurupdesh Singh Sidhu and I am from Fazilka region of Punjab. I completed B.Tech in 2007 in the field of Information Technology. Including me, we are four members in my family, my mother, my wife and my daughter. I own 80 acres of land in which I have an orchard of Kinnow (Citrus) and Guava. There are some Jamun (Indian Blackberry) Trees also on the boundaries of the farms. In total, I have 45 acres of Citrus (Kinnow) orchards and three and a half acres of Guava. In the remaining land I grow sugarcane. In 2008, my father started with fish farming as well but due to his untimely death, I could not take his venture forward.
I use modern techniques for agriculture such as drip irrigation in orchards and I also have implements such as Fogger Machine, Automatic Sprayer, Tractor, Trollies, Rotavator and Cultivator. We use fogger and sprayer for spraying. I also have solar panel enabled systems which I use for running motors for agricultural purposes. In our village, we have been provided new agricultural implements by the government under the Mission Kinnow Estate (Bhagbani) scheme. Government has also announced to provide us with cold stores in our village. A Food Park is also situated nearby for processing of milk products. Such parks although not directly related to my work, still provide useful guidance.
I sell the produce via lease. When my father was alive, we used to send our products to Bengaluru and Kolkata for selling but now I do it through lease. Kinnow farming is very profitable, if done properly with earnings up to 1 to 1.20 lacs per year. I use non organic pesticides for orchards, but I do follow the norms of dosage as per regulations chart. I employ 8-9 workers for working on the farm.




I have 80 Acres of land



Fogger Machine, Automatic Sprayer, Tractor, Trollies, Rotavator and Cultivator



Kinnow, Indian Blackberry, Guava, Sugarcane, Jamun.



Drip Irrigation, Solar Energy Harnessing.

What is an Orchard?

An Orchard is a plantation of fruit bearing trees or plants which are planted with the intention of commercial production of fruits. Besides serving productive purposes, orchards also serve the aesthetic purpose.

Benefits of Orchards

  • Manage Soil and Reduce Erosion.
  • Better Water Management.
  • More income as compared to conventional cycle of Paddy and Wheat.
  • Creation of a healthy ecosystem.

Message to Farmers

Today we have more and more youth moving away from farming. I know that conventional crops and practices do not provide income according to their desires and ambitions. But if they use modern farming techniques and non-conventional crops, they can reap good benefits. I want to give this message to the farmers that they should use good quality fertilizers and pesticides for crops. Adulteration is increasing in pesticides and fertilizers and the government should take a strict action against the culprits. Also since the water table is receding, farmers should look at the alternate methods of irrigation such as drip irrigation.

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Address: Village Tahliwala Jattan, District-Fazilka, Punjab

Phone: +91 9646100075